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Flu Prevention Week

For Jude, For Everyone is proud to introduce Flu Prevention Week. Join us as we work to help people take action to protect themselves and everyone around them from influenza. Flu prevention isn’t a personal choice, but a public one. We’re all in this together, and together we can make changes that will protect our…

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  Just a little more than two years ago I would walk Isla to the bus, with not enough hands to hold all the tiny hands that wanted to hold mine. And every day I’d think what an incredibly wonderful problem this was, and how fortunate I was to have all these beautiful little people…

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Do something good with us

This time of year is hard. This time two years ago our lives were completely, wonderfully normal. We had no idea that we were on the brink of our world falling apart. We didn’t know that influenza B was about to find its way into our home and claim one of our children. Quickly, quietly,…

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What’s in my flu shot, and why?

One of the things I’m asked about most frequently is the ingredients in the flu shot. Even though the flu shot is the most rigorously and frequently tested vaccine, even people who otherwise fully vaccinate sometimes question what goes into it. I get it. There’s a lot of rhetoric floating around and it’s easy to…

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Happy New Year?

All photographs by the lovely Jessica Blaine Smith. These are our most prized possessions and I’m grateful beyond words that we had these done this year. ♥ *exhale* This year. This ridiculous year and all of the terrible things, starting with a gorilla and ending with – well, let’s not tempt fate by suggesting what…

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The scarf

Fair warning – this is an entire post about a scarf.  If you know me personally, you know I’m happiest with yarn and knitting needles in my hands. I knit for fun and for people I love and my favourite recipients are my kids. I love making them silly hats and colourful blankets and things that…

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