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In the news – CityNews (+ flu stats!)

For Jude, For Everyone was on CityNews on Wednesday, October 19th! I’ve had a few questions about the numbers shown in the video and wanted to clarify. The numbers on the screen represent a specific subset of deaths from participating labs where influenza was the only condition found, however the Government of Canada and Statistics…

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In the news – Shoreline Beacon

A huge thank you to my beloved friend, Sarah Champion, for the mountain of behind the scenes work she’s been doing. Sarah, you are wonderful. Check out this article from her interview in this week’s Shoreline Beacon!

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Will they tell your story?

It’s quieter here now. Don’t get me wrong – our house is still in a constant state of noise and chaos. But there’s a particular brand of mischief, a little musical belly laugh, a silly face, a giant bear hug from tiny arms – all missing. It’s the kind of absence that’s tangible. Jude was…

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